How to Install a Filing Cabinet Lock

If you want to keep your important documents safe, you will need to install a reliable filing cabinet lock. Cabinet locks can be purchased at your local home improvement store.

Find The Knockout for the Lock

To access the knockout for the filing cabinet, remove the top drawer of the cabinet. The knockout looks like an oval that is punched into the metal of the cabinet and it can seen on the top right portion of the cabinet. To remove the knockout, tap the center of the knockout with a punch hammer.

Install the Lock

To install the filing cabinet lock, insert the lock cylinder into the knockout hole. When inserting the lock cylinder into the hole, make sure that the bolt on the cylinder is facing up. Once the lock cylinder is in place, insert the key into the cylinder and turn the key clockwise then slide the retaining clip over to the cylinder flush. Put the linkage piece into the hole of the bolt to lock the bolt in place.

Replace the Top Drawer

After installing the lock, replace the top drawer of the cabinet. Test the lock and make sure that it is working before you lock it.