How to Install a Filtered Water Spout

What You'll Need
Slip Joint Pliers
Teflon Tape
Filtered Water Spout

A new water spout can make a lot of difference in the stream of the water that comes from it. A filtered water spout will mean that you not only have powerful water streams, but that it is filtered of any contaminants. The filtered water spout is usually installed in the kitchen sink for use in drinking water. With the filtered spout installed, there will also be a big difference in the amount of calcium deposits left on pots and pans after boiling water, and in the drain. Installing the filtered water spout is a very easy process. 

Step 1: Shut Water Off

While you are working on the spout, it is important to always remember to shut the water off anytime you are working around faucets or water pipes. You can shut the water off at the water valves under the sink or at the main water shut off. Keep in mind that this will close off water for the rest of the house. Make sure others know about this. 

Step 2: Loosen Faucet Spout

There are two nuts on the faucet that holds it in place. There is one on top of the sink and another on the bottom of the sink. Loosen the top nut with the slip joint pliers. Do not remove it, just loosen it up so that there is more freedom in the movement. 

Step 3: Loosen Bottom Nut

Once the top nut is loose on the faucet, then you will need to move underneath the sink and remove the retaining nut. Use the pliers and loosen it up until you can remove it with your fingers. Finish unscrewing the nut all of the way and remove it from the faucet.

Step 4: Remove Faucet From Sink

The faucet will now need to be pulled underneath the sink in order to remove it from the hose it is connected to. Work underneath the sink and use the slip joint pliers in order to loosen the fitting connecting the pipe to the faucet. Once the pipe is removed, then set the faucet aside. 

Step 5: Install New Filtered Water Spout

The filtered water spout can be installed in another area, but it is much easier to replace the faucet with the spout. This way all the water that you use will be filtered. Use some Teflon tape on the threads of the water spout so that it will not leak when installed. Connect the fitting from the pipe to the new faucet and tighten with the pliers. Be careful not to overtighten or it will cause gaps in the fitting. 

Step 6: Set on Sink Surface

With the pipe connected to the faucet, slide it back through the hole and set it on top of the sink surface. Use the plastic nut to secure it to the surface of the sink. This will keep the filtered water spout from moving. 

Step 7: Finish With Caulking

Some clear plumber's caulking should then be spread around the base of the spout. This is to keep the area waterproof.