How to Install a Fire Pit Grill How to Install a Fire Pit Grill

What You'll Need
Masonry adhesive

Installing a fire pit grill actually isn't a hard task at all, especially if you have a step by step guide to help you. If you have a family with children, or you like to entertain a lot, installing a fire pit grill in your back yard is an amazing idea. It is a great place to entertain and have friends over for dinner and drinks and it is also great for casual family parties in the yard. Here are a few tools that you are going to need as well and some steps that will bring you through the entire process quickly.

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

Before you start, you will want to check the local weather forecast to be sure that the time that you are working on installing the fire pit grill is going to be good weather. While it may be hard to plan out, it is important that you find a block of a few days with nice weather. This way, the pit will be installed fine and without any problems from an uneven or messy ground. Begin by actually preparing the ground that you will be building the fire pit grill on. Spread out sand and use a shovel and level to make sure that it is completely even. The amount of time and work put into this step will vary a lot, depending on the type of yard that you have, as well as the area that you are working with. If you have grass or gravel, you may want to remove it before moving on. Use a shovel to dig up the area that you plan on using for the fire pit grill. Then, you can shovel in sand in its place. This way, you can work the sand to make it level and even and all one material.

Step 2 - Layer Brick

Now you can make an indent in the sand and in a circle or square, lay brick down in the pattern that you want. Make sure that you are applying masonry adhesive/mortar as you go along so that your structure will be sturdy. It is a good idea to lay everything out and make sure it fits before actually trying to secure it together.

Step 3 - Install Grill

Now that you have laid the brick down, you can actually put the grill part in the fire pit. You don't have to use a grill, you can use a grate and a bigger metal bowl made for fire pits, but having a grill inside can help with the visual appeal.

Every few months you may have to make adjustments to the grill. Since you are installing in on sand, you may find that it will move slightly or sink a little bit and you will have to make adjustments to keep it level by adding earth or additional mortar or brick.

Be sure that when you are using your fire pit grill, you are taking every safety precaution possible.

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