How to Install a Fireplace Damper Handle

What You'll Need
A set of old sheets or drop cloths
A broom
A screwdriver
A new damper handle
Pen and piece of paper

A fireplace damper is usually located at the very bottom of the chimney. As you look inside the chimney, you should see the fireplace damper. A fireplace damper is a necessary component to every fireplace because it will keep the warm air in the room from escaping from the home. When the fireplace is not in use, the damper should be turned in the shut or closed position to prevent the cold air from entering into the room or the home. Fireplace dampers are used in both gas fireplaces and wood burning stove fireplaces. A fireplace damper handle gives you an easier ability to open and close the damper inside the fireplace. Below is a quick guide on damper installation for your fireplace handle.

Step 1 - Open the Fireplace Doors

Open the doors completely to your fireplace. Pull back the screen.

Step 2 - Remove Logs and Clean Fireplace

Since you will be down at the bottom of your fireplace pit proceeding with the installation, this is a good time to pull out the logs and give it a little clean. Before you proceed, get out several old sheets or drop cloths and spread them over the floor and over the couches. This will help protect your open surfaces from getting soot and other dirt or grime on them while you clean the fireplace.

Remove the logs and place them next to the fireplace. Using a small broom, sweep up the excess soot and dirt that has accumulated at the base of your fireplace.

Step 3 - Buy New Damper Handle

Purchase a new damper handle at your local home improvement center or at a chimney and fireplace supply company. Make sure the handle fits with the specifications of your existing damper.

To ensure complete accuracy, write down the make and the model of the damper being used in the fireplace. Also note your fireplace age, make and model. You can take this information with you to make sure you are purchasing the correct damper handle for your system.

Step 4 - Install the Handle

Turn the damper to the open position. Pull out the manufacturer's instructions about the damper handle and follow the installation guidelines. Install the handle per the instructions. Sometimes all you have to do is slide it into place.

Step 5 - Replace the Logs

Put the logs back and the log cradle into the base of the fireplace.

Step 6 - Clean up

Clean up in and around the fireplace. Put the screen back in the closed position and close the doors (if there are glass doors present). In addition, pull up the tarps or sheets carefully to capture any remaining dust or grime.

Test the damper handle for proper functioning. Make sure you can easily close and open the damper without too much effort.