How to Install a Firewire Port into Your Computer

  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-200
What You'll Need
PCI Firewire port (with CD rom)
Anti-static wrist band
What You'll Need
PCI Firewire port (with CD rom)
Anti-static wrist band

USB is what most PCs use today, however, sometimes a firewire port is needed or wanted. While you can take it to a computer repair shop, it would be much cheaper to do it yourself, so here are the steps you will need to follow to install a firewire port.

Step 1 - Take Safety Precautions

Unplug the computer you are about to work on and wait for five minutes before you begin. You may also wish to remove the plug from the power supply in the back as well.

You should remember that the power supply always holds a charge when unplugged, so do not touch it when you are working on it. This will be a good time to put on your anti-static wrist band. Remember to connect it on the metal to something that is grounded.

It is also wise to read the directions that came with it to see what they say you need to do. Some types of PCI cards require you to install the drivers before you can insert the device in. Plus they may have some good tips for you as well. Always read their instructions first.

Step 2 - Remove the Tower's Cover

Most tower covers have their screws on the back of the tower, so take a look there first. Once you have unscrewed them, put them somewhere safe and pull the cover towards you. Once it is pulled all the way out, you can finish sliding it off the tower. Place it in a safe and secured area along with the screws.

Step 3 - Find an Empty PCI Slot

Most PCI slots are located on your lower lefthand corner. They should be pretty light colored, like white for an example. When you find it, remove the cover that is over the empty slot so it will be ready for the firewire port to be installed.

If you do not have an empty slot, go ahead and remove on old device that you no longer use to free up a space. But make sure that you place the old device somewhere safe, in case you ever need or want it installed again.

Step 4 - Pop it in

Place the PCI card into the slot until you hear it click or pop in place. Then tighten the screws that will hold it in place so it does not pop out or become so loose that it will not work properly. You may also wish to place the cover back on it for extra security.

Step 5 - Close Up

Once you have installed the device, you can place the tower cover back on and plug it in. Then you can boot up and test the device to make sure that it will work. If you have yet to install the drivers, do it now before you test the device. Most either comes with CD/DVD rom or you can download them off the manufactures site.

After the drivers are installed, go under device manager which can be found under control panel and system to double check that you have no conflicts. Once you know that, do a test using the firewire. If it works well, then you are done. If not, repeat the steps stated above.