How to Install a Flapper Valve

What You'll Need
New flapper valve

Installing a flapper valve in a toilet tank will prevent leaks. It is a simple procedure and will hardly take ten minute of your time. Here's how you install a flapper valve.

Step 1 – Prep

Open the lid of the toilet tank and drain out the water. Either flush the water off or use a bucket to draw water out of the tank.

Step 2 – Identify the Flapper Valve

Look closely to locate the flapper valve in the toilet tank. The head of the flapper is disc like and has a chain connected to it.

Step 3 – Prior to Installation

Before you start installing the flapper valve you will have to disconnect the old one from its position and pull it out of the toilet tank. Make sure to slide it over the overflow pipe gently.

Step 4 – Installation

Slide the new flapper valve through the overflow pipe and hook it to the trip arm. If there is extra chain left, you can cut it off. If the chain is not hindering the performance of the flapper valve then let it stay.