How to Install a Flyscreen in Your Screen Door How to Install a Flyscreen in Your Screen Door

What You'll Need
Flyscreen roll or prefabricated
Double sided tape
Velcro mounting

A flyscreen should actually be called a near microscopic fly screen. They are very tightly knit so that even the smallest of black flies can not get into your home, rv or backyard porch and gazebo. The mesh is very tightly woven and can be mounted to the outside of your windows quickly and efficiently to add an extra defense against very small pests. The material is quite inexpensive and installs in just minutes without much preparation. There are two main securing methods for this material, one being two sided window tape and the other by using velcro so they can be easily removed when needed. You can get the materials in bulk to make the cuts and measurements yourself, or buy them precast to the sizes you need to save time.

Step 1 - Take exact Measurements

If you get your flyscreen in a roll, you will need to make all measurements and cuts manually. In this case the material will not be prefabricated and have the needed mounting surfaces attached to it prior to installation. Because of this you will have to manually cut the material and also attach your mountingsto the screen prior to installation. Measure your window into all the corners of the actual frame to ensure that the screen will sufficiently cover its entirety once mounted into place. You will want atleast 1/2 inch on the actual frame all the way around the window to attach the screen once it's completed. For windows that do not have added frame available, you can also attach it on the inside of the window frame as well, so you have a solid place to secure it. 

Step 2 - Cut your Screen to Shape

You will want to cut your flyscreen so that it has at least an added 1/2 inch to its height and width to allow room for it to be attached to the outside of the window frame. It is best to get the cuts as straight and even as possible and the best way to do this would be to find your measurement and then follow the chambers in the screen all the way across. If you don't do this, your screen could end up be crooked and cut at a tapered angle, which will not seal around the window properly and waste materials.

Step 3 - Mount the Screening to the Window

Once you have your flyscreen cut, it is time to mount it to the outside of the window. For vehicles, where you will want to remove the screen before traveling to prevent your screen from flying off as you drive, you will want to use the velcro attachment method. For windows on a home or backyard gazebo, you can use the more permanent double sided tape method to attach it to the outside of your window frame. Make sure that all the outside edges are flush and don't have any gaps or spaces where it attaches to the frame, to ensure that small bugs and other pests can not get through.

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