How to Install a Foam Roof

What You'll Need
Wet sponge
Pump system
Liquid foam
Protective Coating

If you are looking to put a cheap and cheerful roof on your home, then why not try fitting a foam roof? These kinds of roofs are made from a foam base, and often serve as an under-layer which can help you to support a larger roof, but you can also use it as the basic roof on its own. In order to get the best from a foam roof, you will need to have a flat, or gently sloping roof, as this prevents the application from sliding to the ground. You can use your foam to replace parts of a broken roof, or to fit into other areas where slate and tile would not be suitable.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before you can begin your application, you will need to properly prepare the roof on which the liquid foam will be placed. Do this by removing loose debris and gravel with a large broom. If you have a garden broom, this will be best, but otherwise you should use a specially bought brush for this cleaning process, in order to keep the roof as clean as possible. Running the broom over the roof will also show you whether you need to remove any of the nearby tiles or slates, and will clear out broken pieces. Once you have finished using the broom, wipe over the surface of the roof with a damp sponge, and allow to dry out.

Step 2 - Apply Caulking

As the foam you use for roofs comes as a liquid, you will need to apply a layer of caulking or cement to the surface of the roof. This will seal over any gaps that you may have, and will provide a base material for it to stick to. Using caulking is the cheapest method, but you can also use plywood boards, plastic membranes, and other surfaces. Cover the surface of the roof with this material, and leave to dry before adding the foam.

Step 3 - Apply the Foam

Most foam roofing applications come in drums, each of which contains part of the formula needed to create foam. These large drums then are then pumped for the liquid. In order to get the foam out of the drum, you will need some kind of removal device, such as a pumping system. Whoever sells you the foam roof should also be able to supply you with the pump machine necessary. At the end of these pumps should be a single application gun, which will mix the ingredients together and produce the foam. This is usually spread over the surface using a water broom.

Step 4 - Apply the Coating

Once the foam has set, you will then need to add a protective coating. You can purchase this protective coating in a number of forms, including acrylic. This is then applied in a number of coats, and can be put on with a simple paintbrush. Spread it to the edges of your foam roof, and leave to dry.