How to Install a Fountain in Your Patio Pond

What You'll Need
Fountain Pump
Outdoor outlet
Flower pot

If you have a patio pond, placing a fountain in it can greatly enhance the overall appearance of the feature. A spray of water on a summer’s day can also cool the air,as well as look attractive. It doesn’t require a great deal of skill or materials to install a fountain, especially if your pond is the small type found on most garden patio installations.

Step 1 - Empty the Pond

Before installing a fountain in your patio pond, you will need to empty the pond. You can install some pumps into a full pond but it will be much easier to move around with the pond empty.

The pond can be emptied with a hose. Water can be sucked out using a small pump until a syphon is established and the pond water can be dispersed into the garden or into a container that can be saved for watering your plants. Empty as much water as you can although you should note that you won’t be able to remove every last drop.

Step 2 - Placing the Pump

With a small patio pond, place the pump in the middle of the pond as this is where it will have the most effect. Begin by placing an upturned flower pot on the pond liner in the center of the pond and place the pump on top of it. Doing this means less sediment will be sucked into the filter so you won’t need to clean it as often. However, choose a size of pot that will be low enough to ensure that the fountain pump remains fully submersed.

Step 3 - Wiring

The fountain pump in the patio pond will require electricity to operate which means you will need to run the wiring to an outdoor outlet. Run the cord from the pump under decorative stones for a tidier appearance.

If your pond has a grass area, dig down at least 6 inches, making a trench that will hold the cord as it runs to the outdoor outlet. To protect the wire, run it through a plastic tube. This will stop subterranean insects chewing the cord and causing a short circuit. When the cord and tube are in the trench, refill with earth and tamp down gently. Plug into the outlet but do not turn on the fountain. Set the fountain spray to low.

Step 4 - Refilling

Use your garden hose to refill the patio pond, making sure that the fountain pump is fully below the waterline. Fill the pond completely and shut off the hose.

Step 5 - Setting the Fountain Level

Switch on the fountain to check that it’s working properly. If it is pumping water into the air properly, you can now set the spray level. Much depends on what you want from a fountain although the spray should rise to a noticeable level above the patio pond. However, you don’t want the spray to be set so high that it comes onto the patio or into the garden; this will create unwanted mess and lower the water level in your patio pond. Be aware that wind will distribute the spray further.

To set the spray higher, you’ll need to reach into the pond to the pump control. Turn the fountain off before you make an adjustment and turn it back on when you’ve adjusted the dial.