How to Install a Free Standing Shower in Your Yard How to Install a Free Standing Shower in Your Yard

What You'll Need
Handheld shower head kit
8 foot wooden Pole
Duck board
Post hole digger

A free standing shower in your yard can be a very useful addition to your home. It’s perfect for getting the dirt off of the kids before they come indoors after playing outside and the coolness of the water can be very refreshing on a hot summer’s day.Free standing showers also very easy to build and come apart readily when the weather cools and you don’t need it for the winter months.

Step 1 - Select the Site

Perhaps the most important decision is where to site a free standing shower in your yard. You should choose somewhere not far from the house on a flat surface that also offers good drainage for the shower water. For more privacy, you might want to locate it behind some bushes or trees where people won’t be able to see you using it although this shower is meant to be used when dressed in swim trunks or a bathing costume anyway.

Step 2 - Preparing the Site

Once you’ve found the ideal location for your free standing shower, you need to prepare the ground for it. Mark out the area for your duck board and dig down to a level of 4 inches inside that area, making sure the bottom is level. Now, fill the bottom inch of the hole with fine gravel.

This will make a good bed for the duck board and will also help with water drainage since the waste will move more slowly through the gravel and the area won’t become waterlogged.

Step 3 - Putting in the Post

The head of your free standing shower will sit on top of a pole by the duck board. To install it, use a post hole digger dig down 12 inches adjacent to the duck board. This should be in the middle of one of the long sides of the duck board. Insert the pole and fill the rest of the hole with cement. Brace the post, using your level to make sure it’s straight in all directions. Leave overnight to set completely.

The next day, open your shower head kit. You will have the shower and also a brace or bracket that can attach to the wall. You should attach this brace near the top of the pole so the water cascades down into the duck board. Screw into position and make sure it's securely fitted.

Step 4 - Finishing

Attach your shower head to one end of the hose and the other end of the hose to your outdoor faucet. Run the hose along the ground to your free standing shower and wind it around the pole. Secure the shower head into the brace, angling it correctly for ease of use. Now, turn on the water and you have your free standing outdoor shower.

At the end of the season, all you need to do is remove the shower head, disconnect the hose, wind it up and store the components and duck board away in the garage until future use is required.

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