How to Install a Front Strut Bar on a Vehicle

To improve the overall ride of your vehicle, install a front strut bar. This component prevents movement and improves steering. A strut bar does not need to broken to be replaced. Over time, the abuse the front strut takes can make it unable to do the job it was meant to do. Press down on the front of your car. If you hear a sound like metal rubbing or a cracking sound, there could be damage to the strut. A damaged strut that is not working properly can actually increase the distance you need when braking. Installing a front strut bar is not a complicated procedure, but it does take a little time. There are some things that need to be removed, in order for you to get to it. With a little work, this job can improve your car’s handling and safety.

Tools and Materials

  • Front strut bar
  • Socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Torque wrench

Step 1 – Remove Plastic Cover under Wipers

Using the appropriate socket, remove the plastic cover under your windshield wipers by taking out the bolts that hold it in place. The plastic cover will snap out of place once the bolts are removed. Set each part aside with all hardware. You definitely do not want to lose anything. Remove the rubber seal under the cover.

Step 2 – Remove Wiper Motor

Remove the wiper motor that hides under the plastic cover. Use the appropriate socket, take off the motor, and set aside. You will have to remove the wiper motor to get to the front strut bar.

Step 3 – The Strut Tower

You will now see the strut towers. This component is on both sides of the vehicle and has 3 nuts. Loosen the 3 nuts, one by one, on the strut tower with a socket. After this step is completed, you will be able to remove the front strut bar. Remember to keep all parts and hardware together.

Step 4 – Remove the Old Strut Bar

Now that the nuts on the strut tower are gone, you can remove the front strut bar. Remove any nuts, and the bar should lift up easily.

Step 5 – Install the New Strut Bar

Set your new front strut bar into position. Tighten the nuts at first by hand, and then use the torque wrench to fully tighten them. Make sure all components are tight.

Step 6 – Reassemble Strut Tower

Replace the strut tower. Get the parts in the right positions, hand tighten the bolts at first, and finish with the torque wrench. It is important here to get the strut towers firmly on the front strut bar.

Step 7 – Wiper Motor

Take out the old motor. Then, replace it with the new wiper motor, making sure each part connected correctly.

Step 8 – Plastic Cover and Rubber Seal

Make sure you insert the rubber seal all around the area. This is a good time to check the seal for wear. Snap the plastic cover back into place. Tighten the bolts by hand and finish with the torque wrench.

Your front strut bar installation is complete.