How to Install a Garage Door Bottom Seal

What You'll Need
Garage door bottom seal
Nail puller
Staple remover
Sandpaper, medium-grade
Soft-bristled brush
Wood preservative
Tape measure
Staple gun, with 1/2 inch staples
Galvanized roofing nails, 1 inch

A garage door bottom seal is a vital weatherproofing element for your home. In most cases, the seal is made of durable, weather resistant vinyl or rubber. This helps to keep out drafts, which improves energy efficiency in your home. The seal also fortifies your home because it prevents entry of debris and small animals. If your seal has worn out or is damaged, it is best to replace it with a new secure seal. It doesn't require much expertise to install a seal yourself. This is a job you can easily accomplish in an afternoon.

Step 1 – Raise the Door

Raise your garage door to a point that allows you to comfortably access the bottom. If your door can't remain open at the desired level, attach a C-clamp to the track to keep it open.

Step 2 – Remove Old Seal

Use a nail puller to pull out the nails or screws that secure the old seal to the door. Pull out staples with the help of a staple remover. Remove the seal and discard.

Step 3 – Prepare the Door

Sand the bottom of the door with medium-grade sandpaper. Brush away the dust with a soft-bristled brush. Apply a wood preservative with a paintbrush. Allow the door sufficient time to dry properly. You may also wish to apply a fresh coat of paint to give the door higher protection from the elements.

Step 4 – Take Measurements

Obtain the width of the door. This lets you know what quantity of seal to purchase from a hardware or home improvement store.

Step 5 – Staple the Seal

Unroll the seal. Place one end underneath one end of the door, with the sloped edge of the seal at the front. It is best to attach staples onto the seal first. This allows you to control the seal more efficiently as you attach it. Secure the tip onto the door with staples. Attach one staple near the front edge and the other nearer to the back. Stretch the seal and attach two staples about three inches away from the first set. It is vital that you stretch firmly so as to avoid gaps or sagging. Proceed to attach the seal in this manner until you get to the end of the door. Cut off excess at the end with your scissors.

Step 6 – Lay out Nails

Place two nails each, about three inches apart, along the threshold of the garage. This allows you to attach nails faster to the seal.

Step 7 – Hammer in Nails

Sink two nails into the seal at the end, right next to the staples. Proceed to drive in nails at regular intervals between the staples, right to the end of the door.

Step 8 – Close the Door

Clear the installation materials from the door threshold and lower the door. If you feel a cold draft come in on a cold day, you need to make adjustments to the garage door bottom seal for a secure fit.