How to Install a Garage Door Circuit Board

What You'll Need
Circuit Board Cleaner
Step Ladder

If you want to install or replace a garage door circuit board, you don’t have to call in the experts. This is an easy procedure you can do by yourself. With the right tools, your door opener will be as good as new.

Step 1 - Select the Right Circuit Board 

Choosing the right circuit board is imperative to any door opener installation. The door opener should already come with a circuit board. If the circuit board is damaged for whatever reason and you need to replace it, make sure that you purchase the same model. You can also buy a circuit board of another model as long as it’s compatible with your door opener, but be sure to ask your retailer for advice on compatibility. If you install the wrong model to the garage door opener, it may not work at all and can also harm the whole system. If you are still within your warranty period, and it covers a full replacement, take advantage of the opportunity to save some money.

Step 2 - A Recommendation Before Installation

The process outlined here is for a standard replacement. It doesn’t apply to every model. There are special types of units that involve unique procedures, requiring that the circuit board be placed in a different location or attached via a different method. It’s always good to check your owner’s manual. If your warranty doesn’t cover a do-it-yourself replacement, then don’t do it. Call for professional assistance from the manufacturer instead. If you’ve passed your coverage time, it’s up to you to install a new one.

Step 3 - Start the Installation 

Once you have the correct circuit board, it’s time to begin with the installation. Place the stepladder next to the door opener motor and climb up. Once you are up and in a comfortable position, unplug the unit. This is a precautionary measure that you should always follow to avoid accidental electric shock. Now, look for the screws that secure the opener motor cover and remove them to reveal the inside. Place the cover on the floor so that you don’t have to carry it.

Step 4 - Insert the Circuit Board

If you’re familiar with attaching a PC card, inserting the circuit board properly will be very similar. First, clean and dust the interior. You will see a safety reverse plug. Remove it, and then unscrew the sequencer. Do so carefully so as not to damage this fragile part. Now, disconnect the white plug. Add the new circuit board and repeat all these steps to reattach it again. Put the cover back on with the screws and finish off by plugging in the door opener again.

After this point, if you’ve followed every step, the door opener should work again. This process won’t take you more than half an hour.