How to Install a Garage Door Keypad with Fingerprint Reader

What You'll Need

You have the kit and now you want to know how to install a garage door keypad with fingerprint reader. There are various keypad models to choose from, but the keypad with fingerprint reader adds that personal security measure to protect your garage. Get ready to learn how to install one.

Step 1 - Check Your Opener Kit 

First of all, take everything out of the packaging and look for the keypad with fingerprint reader-it should be in a bag apart from the heavy pieces. Make sure to regularly clean its surface to take advantage of its maximum life span as finding a replacement of the same model could be a bother. Also look for the keypad’s batteries or purchase a set if they are missing. Finally, take a read through the manual to learn about any special procedures for its installation. Each brand may have its own unique instructions, but the end process is about the same.

Step 2 - Check the Wall

Before you mount the keypad, inspect your wall. Look for crevices or any fragile, unsupported sections. In doing so, you can determine the safest and most durable wall space to set up the keypad. Do proper maintenance on the wall before the installation.

Step 3 - Install the Fingerprint Reader

Use the drill to make a hole for the fingerprint reader. Now, remove the cover, look for the hole through which the screw will go, and mount the keypad to the wall. Once it’s screwed in, try moving the unit gently to make sure it’s well attached. If it doesn’t move, the wall installation is secure and you can trust that no external force will tamper it in case of accidental bumping. Finally, put the batteries in the keypad. 

Step 4 - Set the Opener and Keypad Signal

Use the stepladder to access the wall opener motor so that you can set the signal. Push the “Learn” button, and then go back to the keypad, open the cover, and wait a few seconds for the “Ready” button to light up.  

Step 5 - Save the First Fingerprint

Make sure the surface of the reader is completely clean and dry. Once the “Ready” button is on, swipe your finger by placing it on the sensor strip and moving your finger down to make contact with the sensor. This movement should end at the very tip of the finger. Remember to always use the same finger every time you swipe. If the “Retry” button is on, try passing your finger again following the same procedure as above. If the signal isn’t working, press the “Resend” button.

For daily use, you should uncover the reader, wait for the “Ready” button to light, and swipe the appropriate finger. This will automatically open the door. Call your provider if you are still encountering problems with your reader. Otherwise, enjoy your new fingerprint reader keypad.