How to Install a Garage Door Opener Battery Backup

What You'll Need
Back-up opener

Installing a garage door opener battery backup is an excellent way to defend against power outages that would otherwise block access to your garage. Here are a few materials and steps that will help you through this installation process with ease.

Step 1 - Prepare Battery

Before beginning installation you'll need to purchase the right battery. Check the make and model of your garage opener and buy one you know will be compatible. Then you will need to fully charge the battery before installing it, which could take anywhere from 2 to 6 days. Depending on the battery, you should be able to use it for about 3 years.

Step 2 - Check the Model

Depending on your garage door opener model that you have, you will need to determine where the back-up will go as well as if you have the correct back-up for your opener.

Step 3 - Install the Battery Back-Up

Once you have determined the model of your opener, you can install the battery back up. Most models are attached to the back of the actual garage door opener and sit on top. You will need to put the battery into the back up opener. Then, use a ladder to get up to your actual opener. You will have to place the battery back up on top of your opener, so make sure that you can get it in there. Then, once you have it in place you can attach the wires in the back. Most garage openers will have a section in the back that allow you to hook up a back-up battery. Find this spot and then plug the back-up in.

Step 4 - Test It Out

Now that you have installed the back up battery for your garage door opener, you will need to test it. This is done by shutting off the power to your garage door and then operating the opener to make sure it's getting power and running smoothly. Now turn the power back on and

You may want to test the back-up battery once a year as part of an emergency preparedness plan that encompasses all the systems in your home.