How to Install a Garage Door Opener Wall Button

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  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50
What You'll Need
Bell Wire
Insulated Staples
Step Ladder
Wall anchor
Wire Stripper

If it is your first time installing or replacing a garage door opener wall button, don’t sweat it. It is easier than you imagined. Over time, the button will need maintenance and will eventually have to be replaced. You can buy a new one from the same manufacturer or choose a similar model. You just need the following basic tools to get started.

Step 1 - Getting the Garage Door Opener Wall Button

Naturally, all garage door opener packages come with a wall button. Depending on the model and manufacturer it works with either a battery or a wire. In some cases, you can buy universal buttons. These will work with a wide selection of openers, but there are always some exceptions. Make sure to ask for a compatibility list before choosing your new wall button. You can check various models in most electrical and hardware stores. Some models come with a three-button wall panel and others are just the simple push type. If your warranty will replace the original, non-functioning wall button, this is the time to use it.

Step 2 - Installing The Garage Door Opener Wall Button

First of all, be sure to disconnect the power from the garage door opener to avoid getting electrocuted. Mark the spots for the screw holes with a pencil. It is recommended to locate the button at least 5 feet above the floor so children can’t reach it. Make a hole with a drill big enough for the wall anchor to enter. You won’t need to drill very much. Next, take the bell wire and use the wire stripper to cut the end. Select the wires, which may be color-coded, open the button cover and attach them to the terminals. Making a hook shape with the wires will ensure that they are firmly secured. Then, put the cover back and use the screws to attach the button to the wall.

Step 3 - Placing the Wires to the Opener

Once the button is in place on the wall and connected, use a step ladder and insulated staples to attach the wire to the wall and ceiling. The wire should be attached from the wall button to the opener motor. You can leave 6 inches between each staple and secure them with a hammer. Once you reach the opener, attach the wires to the motor terminals. You will see two holes for the button connection indicating where to put them. Always check your owner’s manual to see if there is a different placement for the button terminals.

Step 4 - Finish and Test the Opener Wall Button

For the last step, you just have to plug the power cord into the outlet again. Now everything is connected. Climb down the ladder and push the button. It should work fine. If you want to install a multi-switch you can follow the same steps above as a guide. It is good practice to check the wiring and do maintenance on the button once in a while. Enjoy your door opener.