How to Install a Gas Dryer Vent How to Install a Gas Dryer Vent

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Electric drill
4 inch Hole saw
Rust Resistant Wood screws
Caulking gun and caulking
Hose clamps
Vent Hood
Vent pipe
90-degree elbows
Foil Tape

It really doesn’t matter if you’ve got a gas or electric dryer; installing a gas dryer vent is the same as installing one for electric. However, it is a necessity, because it keeps possibly unsafe gases and fibers from entering your house. It vents them out where they belong so that you aren’t left with respiratory problems or messy lint. To do the job, you’ll need a few tools and a little time. 

Step 1 – Choose Your Pipe 

Flexible plastic hose is very commonly used in homes but it tends to sag. In the low spots, lint gathers and creates what could become a fire hazard. You can use rigid sheet metal pipe to avoid sagging. 

Step 2 – Location

Decide where you want your dryer vent to be located. Then check outside to make sure that the location you’ve chosen isn’t blocked by bushes or fencing, as you’ll be drilling right through the wall. You can determine where the spot is by measuring from the corner of the foundation or even a window inside and then going outside and using the same marker to relocate the spot. 

Step 3 – Drill

Drill a small guide hole inside the house where the dryer vent will be. If it’s in the basement, you’ll have to find the wood sill plate, which is placed at the top of the foundation and drill through it. If you’re on the main floors, just be sure there’s nothing in the wall you’re going to run into when you drill through. 

Step 4 – Cut a Hole 

Outside, cut a larger hole where the vent will be coming through using a hole saw. The guide hole you cut earlier should be in the very center of the large 4 inch hole. 

Step 5 – Attach the Vent Hood 

Install the vent hood to the side of the house using wood screws and then caulk around the shroud and pipe (the vent hood should have a 12 inch piece of pipe pre-attached to it.)

Step 6 – Add the Elbow 

You’ll go inside the house to complete the job at this time. Using hose clamps, fasten a 90-degree elbow to the end of the vent pipe that is already in place. Then run vent pipe back to the dryer, where you’ll need to install another elbow at the point where the exhaust comes out of the dryer. Then hook up the vent pipe you ran to that elbow. To seal the joints connecting the pipe segments, use foil tape. 

Step 7 – Put the Dryer Back 

Since you’ve likely moved it to do your work, put your dryer back into place. You’ll have to make adjustments to make certain it is level.


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