How to Install a Gazebo Screen

What You'll Need
Screen Kit
Cordless Drill
Utility Knife

When you have a gazebo, a screen will help you enjoy it even when the bugs are at their worst. Installing screens in your gazebo is not a difficult project. Anyone with basic tools, DIY skills, and a screen kit can easily enclose their gazebo in a few hours. Here are the steps to take when using a gazebo screen kit.

Step 1: Lay Out Kit Materials

Before you start to put up your screen on the gazebo, lay out the contents of the screen kit. There will be a screen, plastic rails, a rubber spline roller, caps, and screws. There should also be enough material for a door. Separate them according to what you will need and place them aside so you can easily get to them when you need to.

Step 2: Install Vertical Rails

On each of the gazebo posts you will be placing the vertical rails that will accept the screen. You will start at one post and work your way around until they are all installed. The railing should be in the center of the post for ease in installing the screen. Stand up the rail on the post and make sure it will fit. If not, you can cut it down a little with a utility knife until it fits. Secure the rail to the post with the screws. 

Step 3: Install Sills on Top and Bottom

The screen also needs to be secured to sills that are on the top and bottom of the gazebo. If not, then it will simply flop around and will not keep the insects out. Secure in the same manner by screwing them into the concrete floor and along the wooden eave of the gazebo roof. You may need to do some additional construction in order for a stable place for the top sill to be secured.

Step 4: Start Installing Screen

Position one end of the screen in the vertical rail. Use the spline roller and press the screen into the slot. You should start at the top of the gazebo and work your way down. Once the screen is secure on the vertical axis you will then need to press it into the horizontal sills. Work your way around the entire gazebo until you get to the side where the door will be installed.

Step 5: Install Door Frame

The door will be positioned in the middle of an opening and not secure to any type of post. It has its own frame that will hold it stable by securing it to the floor of the gazebo. Depending on the type of kit you have purchased the installation of the door will be a little different. Follow the directions to secure the door in position.

Step 6: Finish Screen Installation

Once the door is secure you can finish installing the screen. Press the screen into the spline around the door and make sure that there are not gaps in the screen.