How to Install a Glass Balustrade Part 2 How to Install a Glass Balustrade Part 2

What You'll Need
Balustrade kit
Measuring tape

Installing glass balustrade on a deck, staircase or patio gives your home a modern and elegant look. A glass balustrade is durable, functional and attractive. It can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. Installing a glass balustrade is a wise choice, as it lasts for a long time. You can buy ready-made balustrades, but they are more costly than buying a kit and installing one yourself. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install your own glass balustrade.

Step 1 – Preparing the Staircase

If you have an existing balustrade, you will need to remove it. Make sure that the staircase does not have any rising boards or loose boards. If you have any floor covering, you must remove it. Make sure that all the platforms are level, and take care of any needed repairs.

Step 2 – Preparing the Railing

Measure the railing to be sure that it is the right length for what you need. You may have to cut the railing to the right length so that you know it will fit properly. You can actually cut the railings with a hacksaw since they are made of steel. Double check your measurements before cutting to ensure accuracy.

You can lay out the railing pieces and mark the stairs or floor where you will install the railing. In that way, you know that the framing of the floor will match.

Step 3 – Install the Railing

Install the glass balustrade hand railing. To do this, mount the rail’s support brackets to the wall. You should use the studs that are available at all points of attachment. Use a level so that you will know that brackets are installed according to instruction. If the rail is not secured to a wall, it will need support at the landings. If you have spare pieces of lumber, you may use it to back up the rail at the height you need. These can stay in its place until you install the glass. 

Step 4 – Install the Frame

Secure the bottom part of the framework to the floor or stairs. Follow the marks you have made with the handrail. This will ensure that both frames’ ends match up. To finish up, make sure the frame is level.

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