How to Install a Granite Backsplash

  • 4-12 hours
  • Beginner
  • 200-1,000
What You'll Need
Granite tiles
3/8 inch trowel
Margin trowel
Tile wet saw
Grease pencil
Measuring tape
Safety goggles
Tile wedgies
Grout (non-sanded)
Grout float
Tile sponge

A granite backsplash adds a touch of class to an otherwise dull area behind the sink in either the bathroom or the kitchen. There are numerous design schemes that you can utilize to include granite tiles of varying colors as well as other types of tile. The article included here will show you how to easily install a simple granite backsplash.

Step 1 - Design the Granite Backsplash

When you create a granite backsplash it is important to note that they are supposed to be tight together with the beveled edges. The granite tiles, when sealed, should form a 1/8 inch grout joint. In order to ensure a great installation, you should design it on the counter or the floor first. Use at least 6 granite tiles and lay them on the floor or counter then measure the length. Now, measure the length of the space you want to put the tile backsplash. Adjust the amount of tiles used by adding, removing or cutting tiles with the wet saw.

Step 2 - Area Preparation

Remove everything from the area where you plan to install tile backsplash. Turn off the electricity and remove all of the outlets and switches located on the wall where you will be installing the backsplash. Remove large chunks of drywall and smooth out anything that is too bumpy or not flat enough.

Step 3 - Installing the Granite Tiles

Spread the mastic evenly over the wall using the 3/8 inch trowel. Prepare enough area for a couple tiles. Begin placing the tiles on the wall starting on the outside edge. Slide the tile from left to right at the same time then pressing down on the tile. This helps to set the tile while removing pockets of air. Continue applying mastic and placing tiles until you finish a line of tiles.

The wedgies can now be used to ensure that the tiles stack precisely. Use the grease pencil and mark out where the electrical boxes or switches are then trim the tile to fit. Once you reach the end of a row start placing tiles from the bottom up toward the cabinets. Once you are done installing the tile backsplash you need to wait at least a full day in order for it to dry.

Step 4 - Grouting

Mix the grout according to the instructions using the margin trowel. Push the grout between the tiles with the grout float. Let the grout set for at least 20 minutes and then repeat. Grout can shrink as it dries so be prepared to apply for a third time. Wet a sponge and wipe off the surface to take away excess grout after about 20 minutes. Smooth out the grout between the joints then wipe off diagonally. Be sure to wring out the sponge often. Wait for a haze to show up then remove with a damp sponge going across grout joints diagonally. A dry towel should be used to remove surface debris after an hour.