How to Install a Gutter Guard How to Install a Gutter Guard

What You'll Need
Gutter guard
Metal snips

If you have leaf debris accumulating in your gutters, you may need to install gutter guards. Cleaning off the occasional piece of litter is not too bad, but once it gets to heavy leaf fall, you could be up there in the dirt and rain scrapping up sodden leaves. You can avoid this messy, wet job, by installing gutter guards on the tops of your pipes. These guards will protect your gutters from debris that can block the top of your downspout.

Step 1 - Clean the Gutter

Before you start, make sure that the gutter is completely clean. Hose down the gutters before you begin to get rid of any decaying leaf matter.

Step 2 - Install the Guard

You can then fit the gutter guard. Measure it against the gutter, and cut it to size with the metal snips. Press the guard down into the plastic gutter, snapping it into the space below the roof shingles. You can add as many guards as you need to protect your downspout.

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