How to Install a Gutter Wedge

What You'll Need
Gutter wedge
Garden trowel
Tape measure

It is quite simple to install gutter wedges along your gutter, by following a set of simple instructions, provided you have the correct tools and materials. A gutter wedge helps to keep leaves and debris from clogging the gutter and the gutter downspouts. The most common gutter wedges are made of either vinyl or aluminum and are attached on the gutter leading all the way to the downspouts

Step 1 - Clean the Gutter

Secure the ladder firmly along your house and use it to climb to the gutter. Remove all leaves and debris from the gutter using the garden trowel. Fix the hose and turn it on then direct it in the gutter to check for any leaks and whether the water pours properly through the downspouts.

Step 2 – Measure the Gutter

Take the tape measure and use it to determine the length of your gutter. Measure between any slots that are created by nails attaching the gutter to the roof or any other obstructions in the gutter. Measure also the width of your gutter. Use these measurements to establish the wedges that will cover your entire gutter as well as the size of the wedges using the width measurements.

Step 3 – Install the Gutter Wedge

Gutter wedges are of different types and installation depends on the type of wedge you choose. Drop-in wedges are just placed in the gutter. No tools are required to install a drop-in wedge. As for the other wedges, you need to snap or clip onto the edges of the gutter. Hinged wedges on the other hand, attach onto the edge of the fascia board.

Along the length of your gutter wedge, look at the point where it forms a right triangle. Install the shortest side of that triangle along the house while the longest side goes along the gutter. Start installing the wedges from the farthest end of the gutter across to the downspout. Ensure that the ends of the wedges fit tightly to prevent leaves and debris from getting into the gutter. Place the nails and hangers in the gutter under the wedge. Cover mitered joints completely by overlapping the wedges by ½ inch at every joint. The last wedge should extend by 1 inch longer than the gutter so that no space remains uncovered at the end of the gutter.

Step 4 – Maintenance

Gutter wedges make it so much easier to maintain your gutters. It keeps the gutters clean and therefore reduces the intervals between which to clean them. However, installing gutter wedges does not completely keep you from cleaning the gutter. Fine debris may still find its way into your gutter and you should check and clean it at least once a year. With the gutter wedge in place, the cleaning will obviously be minimal.