How to Install a Hard Hot Tub Cover

What You'll Need
Hard hot tub cover
Clips or fasteners
Working gloves
Protective clothing such as overalls
Measuring equipment
Harmer and nails
Screw driver

A hard hot tub cover can be installed to prevent insects, dirt, dust and other such elements from the environment or surroundings. This can spoil the condition of the hot tub and even damage it if care necessary precaution is not taken into account. Some of the materials can make it unpleasant to enjoy the hot tub. Materials such as leaves or stones can block the drainage and bring about poor sanitation in the facility.

Step 1 - Get Measurements

Use the measuring device to get the correct size of the hot tub. If it is rectangular in shape then get measurements along the width and length of the facility. For circular hot tubs, take measurements by getting the diameter of the hot tub. Take care to get the correct dimensions, add two to three inches so as to cover any errors. This is useful when shopping for material to use as a hard cover.

Step 2 - Collect Necessary Materials

Start by shopping for hard hot tub cover from a hardware store and taking into account the measurements of the facility. These materials are made from different substances such as plastic which makes it possible for them to perform different functions. Select one that efficiently conserves the heat of the hot tub as this helps to save energy. The best material should extend beyond the surface of the tub so as to effectively keep it covered.

Buy appropriate clips or fasteners from the hardware as well. The size of the hot tub cover can be a good guide in determining the correct size of clips to get. For large sized cover material, get strong and sizeable fasteners. This makes them to firmly secure the cover while in use.

Step3 - Install Clips or Fasteners

Get clips to be placed on the exterior surface of the hot tub and fix them using a harmer and nails. For fasteners that need screws, use a screw driver to secure them in place. Make sure that enough clips are laid out along the perimeter of the hot tube. This makes it easy for the cover to stay in place. It is important to align the clips so that they can easily fit with those attached to the cover

Step 4 - Attach the Cover

Once the fasteners are fixed in place it is easy to place the hot tube cover. Simply attach clips found on the material to corresponding pieces that are already secured at the edges of the spa. This is how to install a hot tube cover.


There are different kinds of covers available in the market. Select one depending on the design such as colors and patterns. This helps to make the hot tub look attractive. Consider other properties such as the effectiveness of the cover in conserving heat in the tub as well.