How to Install a Hasp Lock

What You'll Need
Hasp lock set
Drill machine
Hammer & few nails
Measuring tape
Marking pencil

A regular hasp lock is a two piece lock set used with a padlock to secure doors wardrobes chests etc which are with out a built in lock or may also be installed for extra security in addition to the built in lock. You can also find contemporary hasp locks with integrated locks in the market. The procedure to hasp a lock is very simple if you know how to use basic hardware tools. Just follow the instructions given below and your hasp will be installed in no time.

Step 1 – Determine Type of Hasp Needed

Before you choose to purchase a hasp lock determine what kind of hasp would be best suited to the door you want to install it on, in terms of size, quality and design. Once you have made a decision on these aspects acquire a hasp which best suits your requirements from a hardware store. You can also make online purchase.

Step 2 – Selecting a Location for Installing Hasp

Measure the height at which you want to install the hasp and mark the position with an erasable pencil. Now place the loop plate on the door and simultaneously place the latch on the frame in a manner so that the loop fits smoothly in the slit of the latch. The latch arm and loop plate should be positioned at a distance so that there is no friction when the lock or the door is opened. With one hand hold the two parts of the hasp at the desired position, and with the other hand mark the screw holes at the base plate of the loop on the door and those of the latch on the frame.

Step 3 – Drilling

Make small holes on these marks by hammering a nail on the pencil marks. Start first by drilling holes with a drill machine on the base plate of the loop. Make sure to drill the holes for the screws at the required depth and to use the correct bit of the drill machine for this purpose. Drilling machines usually have separate bits for use on wood, keep that in mind. Fix the plate with the given screws with a screwdriver. If you are using an electric screwdriver you will not need to drill holes. You can directly push in the screws with a little force applied while using the electric screw driver.

Step 4 – Installing Hasp

Before fixing the screws on the latch arm make sure once again that the loop and the latch secure together without any hindrance. Now repeat the drilling and screwing procedure for fixing the hinge of the latch arm in the same manner as for the loop plate.

Step 5 – Ensuring Proper Installation of Hasp

Check the hasp contraption by closing the door. If the padlock set fits in flat on the door and the door frame and there is no interference, you have achieved your objective. If you are using a contemporary contraption of a hasp lock, read the enclosed instructions carefully. The basic procedure is the same as aforementioned with a little adaptation.