How to Install a Heating Vent

heating vent in a wall
What You'll Need
Power saw
Screw driver
Tape measure
Wire screen

A heating vent is an appliance that allows hot air to escape or enter a room. Cool air replaces the escaped hot air causing the room to be cool. Or cold air exchanges with hot air. Heating vents are common installations in garages and sheds. Installing a heating vent is something you may do for yourself following the simple instructions below.

Step 1 - Select Vent Type

There are two types of heating vents used, depending on the type of climate in your area. You may have a fixed vent type or a closable louvers type to prevent snow from clogging the vents. Also, ensure that you wear your gloves since heating vents are sharp and can easily cause injury.

Step 2 - Take Measurements

tape measure

Before purchasing of vents, take measurements of the room where you intend to install the vents. The size of the room determines the size of the vents. Go to the home improvement store and purchase four vents of the appropriate size. Use the tape measure to measure the dimensions of the vent and make markings on the wall indicating where to slot in the vents.

Step 3 - Make Peak Holes

Using the power saw, make a hole on the upper part of the wall. The hole should be very close to the peak. Cut another hole on the opposite wall but at the same height. This step will apply to a room made from any other material apart from metal. For metal walled rooms, the roof peak holes are prefabricated at the workshop.

Step 4 - Insert Vents

air vent

Use a ladder to climb up and fix the vents in the upper holes. Attach them securely to the walls. Cut a piece of the wire cover and cover the mouth of the vent. This will prevent the depositing of debris inside the vent. This also ensures that there is never a blockage in the vent. Attach the wire cover to the vent by use of screws.

Step 5 - Make Ground Holes

Align the roof level holes with the ground level holes. Use the power saw to make ground level holes. These holes will accommodate the vents that will bring in fresh air from outside. Insert the floor vents and use the screws to secure it to the wall. Next, take a piece of the wire cover and cover the mouth of the vent. Attach the wire cover to the vent with screws.

In the case of metal walled rooms, the ground level holes have to be cut to fit the size of the heating vents. After ascertaining the size of the vents and aligning the upper holes with the lower holes, the metal wall is cut using a metal saw. The vent is inserted in the prepared holes. However, instead of using screws, the vents are attached to the wall through bolts. After attaching the vent to the wall, cover the vent with wire cover and attach it with screws.