How to Install a Hinge Pin Door Closer

Lead Image for How to Install a Hinge Pin Door Closer

A hinge pin door closer will close an interior door you don't wish to close, yourself. For you to close a door automatically, using this closer, you will no longer need to use the older, unattractive standard door closer. The hinge pin closer works efficiently without being obvious. Here's how to install one.

Remove the Old Hinge

Decide with a hinge, bottom, middle, or top, you'll want your hinge pin door closer attached to. Then, use a screwdriver or electric drill to unscrew the screws from the old hinge.

Attach the New Closer

The new hinge pin closer plate and its screw holes should fit in the position of the hinge you removed. Use your screwdriver to attach the new hinge.

Insert the New Stop Pin

Locate a hole in the top of your new closet that is closest to the door. Into this hole insert the adjustment bar that came with the closer. Do this also at the hinge pin bottom.

Test the New Closer

Once the closer is installed test it by allowing it to close the door. You can then adjust it to close the door more softly or harder.