How to Install a Hinged Mirror

A mirror changes the appearance of a room in significant ways. In addition to creating a feeling of expansiveness, an appropriately placed mirror can increase the light of a room and enhance the overall aesthetic. While most mirrors hang in one position on the wall, a hinged mirror is attached to movable parts that allow you to rotate and maneuver the mirror to suit your purposes. If you are planning on installing a hinged mirror, read on for tips on an easy and successful installation process.

Step 1: Collect and Measure Your Materials

You can find hinged mirrors at most home improvement and furniture stores. In almost all cases, the mirror comes with all of the necessary tools and pieces for installation. These pieces should include the following:

  • Mirror
  • Bracket hinges (usually 2)
  • Adhesive tape or foam
  • Screws or fasteners for brackets

Read through the installation instructions and ensure that you have all of the required parts. Next, measure the width of your mirror. This will help you to determine the proper location.

Step 2: Locate Studs in the Wall

Having determined the size of your mirror, select a place to hang it. Because many mirrors are quite heavy, it is best to use a studfinder to select an appropriately sturdy and safe place to attach the hinges. It may be helpful to trace the outline of the mirror along the wall for future reference. This can also help to give you an idea of how the mirror will affect the appearance of the room after installation is complete.

Step 3: Afix the Brackets using Adhesive Tape or Foam

Now that you have selected where to place place the mirror along the wall, calculate the location of the brackets that will hold the mirror based on the size of the mirror itself. Use adhesive tape or foam to temporarily attach the brackets to the wall in the specified locations.

Step 4: Permanently Attach the Brackets

The adhesive tape or foam that you have used to set up the brackets will not support the weight of the mirror. To ensure that the whole installation remains sturdily in place, complete the installation of the brackets themselves by attaching them to the stud beams with screws.  The brackets should have indicators to help determine what type of screw is best. Be careful to install the brackets directly into the studs, otherwise the wall may not be able to support the full weight of the hinged mirror.

Step 5: Install the Mirror On the Brackets

Fit the mirror into the brackets that you have installed in the studs. Make sure to attach the mirror securely in order to ensure that it does not fall. Test the mirror to make sure that it will hold on the wall. If necessary, you may find that tightening the bracket screws will help to secure the mirror in place.

A hinged mirror is a wonderful addition to a room or home. Properly installed, a hinged mirror can rotate and alter the appearance of a room in different ways, depending upon the situation. If you have any troubles during the installation process, consult with a home improvement center for additional advice.