How to Install a Home Swamp Cooler

A home swamp cooler or evaporative air conditioner is an efficient cooling system that you can utilize for your home. If you are in an area that has high humidity though, your swamp cooler may not do as well. Swamp coolers work by making use of padding and water to pull air into pads that are wet down with water, making the air that is blown into your home cooler. Although the work is relatively bulky, it is easy enough to install a swamp cooler by yourself. You will need an assistant though, and you have to make sure that you purchase the size of swamp cooler that will accommodate your needs.

The swamp cooler is often seen installed on a roof. A blower is then utilized to push the air on a down discharge cooler. Although installing the air conditioner on the roof is cheaper than on a window, there are problems that are common to it. These include a deterioration of the roof, as a swamp cooler has the tendency to leak with time. You have to get on top of the roof to maintain the equipment, and the supporting framework will deteriorate if you used wood.

Swamp coolers that are mounted on the ground or wall can have the same problems, but they are not as damaging.

Materials Needed

  • Swamp cooler
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Hooks
  • Chains
  • 2 cinder blocks

Step 1 - Preparing the Window

Before installing your swamp cooler, prepare the window where it will be placed first by raising and cleaning it.

Step 2 - Placing the Swamp Cooler

Place the swamp cooler on the window. To allow you to level it, put a couple of cinder blocks under the air conditioner.

Step 3 - Leveling the Swamp Cooler

Place your level on top of the air conditioner to level it. Once you have it in a level position, attach your chain on the edges at the back of the swamp cooler and stretch it on the side of your house. Making use of the level marks, put the hooks on the side of your house and connect the chain into it. The chain will hold the weight of the air conditioner and aid you in keeping it on a level position.

Step 4 - Placing Waterproof Stripping

Close the opening of the window with the use of the sliders that are on both sides of the grid. Weatherproof stripping can then be placed around it.

Step 5 - Filling the Swamp Cooler

Once you have installed the swamp cooler, fill it up with water and plug it into a power outlet. You can then turn it one and enjoy the cooler air inside your house.

When installing a swamp cooler, always have the help of someone because of the bulkiness of the equipment. You should also make sure that you are wearing a back brace as an added protection against accidents. To keep cool air from entering your home in the cold season, drain the swamp cooler and put a cardboard cover on top of its opening.