How to Install a Hook Latch for Wooden Interior Shutters

Interior wood shutters.
What You'll Need
Hook latch
Measuring tape

Wooden interior shutters are attached to the inside of the window jamb. They are usually smaller in size compared to shutters mounted on the outside of the window. Hook latches for wooden shutters are available in a wide range of designs. They can be easily installed on the interior parts of the shutter.

Step 1 - Get the Hook Latch

The type of mount used on wooden shutters will determine the type of hook latch to buy. Keep in mind the size of the shutters as well. For large pieces get big latches to have a proportional fit and one that will serve the purpose effectively. Get the correct size and amount of screws too. All the materials can be obtained from a hardware store or lumberyard supplies.

Step 2 - Take Measurements

Measure the height of the shutter. Divide the length by 2 to get the centermost position and mark the point with a pencil. This is where the hook and latch will be positioned. If there is already safety device such as a window knob, consider installing it at the top or bottom-most part of the shutter window.

Step 3 - Make Holes

Get the hook latch and position them on the central position. Use a pencil to mark where holes in the hook latch lie on the shutter window. Make sure they are aligned evenly. Use a nail and a hammer to make pilot holes. Do not use too much force as these can weaken the wooden frame.

Use a ¼ inch drill bit to extend the pilot holes.

Step 4 - Install Hatch Latch

Use a rag to clear the dust and particles. Position the hatch latch on the wooden shutter and position screws.

Start with the collar and fix it on the left side of the shutter panel, place the screw and drive it in a little using hand. Get a screwdriver to fasten the screw, check that it is secure and fastened correctly. Obtain the hook and place it so that it fits in properly between the collar and shutter. Tighten it in position using screws while taking care not to make it rigid. Make sure it can move easily in and out of the collar.

Step 5 – Test the Hook Latch

Close the shutters and try and move the hook over the collar, it should be able to move and slide easily over the collar. Finish up by wiping the shutters to remove dust, wood particles, and debris. Clean the area around the window as well. The hook latch can now be used as it is needed.