How to Install a Hot Tub Circuit Board

What You'll Need
Cover plate
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers
GFCI receptacle interrupter
Electricians screwdriver
Non contact voltage tester
Wire strippers
Black plastic electrical tape

hot tub circuit board is something that you will need to install accurately if you want your hot tub to work the way that it should. This is something that is not very difficult to do as long as you are able to follow directions carefully. You will need to make sure that you use caution whenever you do this task as it could end up becoming very dangerous if you do not do as you are supposed to. It is always a good idea to have the number of a professional on hand in case things get overwhelming for you.

Step 1 – Turn off Power

The first thing that you are going to need to do is turn off the circuit breaker and take off the fuse that is controlling the receptacle circuit that the hot tub will be plugged into. Make sure that you completely remove it, do not simply unscrew it until it is loose. It will need to be taken out completely. 

Step 2 – Faceplate

Once you have removed the circuit breaker you will now need to take off the faceplate. You will also need to remove the screws that are securing your receptacle that is in the outlet box. Make sure that you completely remove the receptacle. 

Step 3 – Disconnection

All of the wires now need to be disconnected from their screw terminals. Make sure that you take off the wires from your black wired receptacles. You will do this by inserting a little screwdriver into the hole that is next to your wire. Once you have done this, you will need to get the clip depressed as you pull on the wire. 

Step 4 – Wire Separation

Make sure that all of the wires are separated to the point where they are not touching each other or the device box. You can now either temporarily replace the fuse or you can turn the circuit breaker back on. You will need to use the voltage tester that is non contact so that you can figure out which of the black wires that go into the box is supplying the power. Once you know this, take note of the position of the wire and turn the breaker back off or remove your fuse. 

Step 5 – Stripped Ends

The stripped ends of your wires will now need to be cut off. Make sure that you completely remove about ¾ of an inch of the insulation from your wires using your wire strippers. Form loops with your needle nose pliers of the newly stripped wire. Once the stripping has been done, you will need to get the white neutral wire and the black hot wire attached. Make sure that you get the loop put onto the black wire underneath your brass colored screw. Do this in a clockwise motion until the screw is tightened down completely. Make sure that you put your white wire underneath the silver colored screw.