How to Install a Hot Tub Control Panel

What You'll Need
Hot tub control panel
Crow bar
Silicone caulk

If you have a tub on your property, you may find you need to replace or install a hot tub control panel. These panels are the most commonly replaced parts, and while you can choose to call someone to repair it, you can also decide to do it yourself, at half the cost. While most control panels can be replaced in one way, there are always little differences which may affect how your personal hot tub control panel should be installed. Always read the instructions before you attempt to follow these guidelines.

Step 1 - Turn Off the Power

Before you begin to replace or install the control panel, you should turn off both the electricity and the water supply to your tub. Because you will be handling electricity, the main circuit breaker for this part of the property should be turned off, but you will also want to check that the panel works before you finish, so it is a good idea to also stop the water flowing to the hot tub. Make sure both have been turned off before you continue.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Panel

Take the old control panel off the front of your hot tub. This is usually done by prying it off, either with a craft knife or a crow bar. The panel will be stuck to the wall of the hot tub by a powerful sealant, so you will need to be quite energetic to get the panel off at all. Once you have done this, pull it out of the wall and disconnect the control panel connector from your power board. Don't tug the connector; just pry it away. Make note of the connector's position before you move on.

Step 3 - Add the New Hot Tub Control Panel

Plug your new panel into the board without fitting it. Turn on the power to the system and check that your hot tub control panel lights up. If this works you should be able to program the buttons. Once you are satisfied, turn off the electricity and remove the control panel from the power board. Take the panel over to the hole in the wall and push the connector down inside. Using a spatula or the edge of your crow bar, clean off the old sealant. Put your silicone sealant on the back of the hot tub control panel and push it into position. Press it into the hole and ensure the sealant goes all the way around.

Step 4 - Connect Your Panel

Use an old coat hanger to pull the connector down the tubes toward the power board. Put it into place and screw the panel onto the tub wall. Seal the entire area with caulk and then turn on the power. You should see the start cycle begin. Turn on the electricity and the water to your tub.