How to Install a Hot Water Dispenser Part 1 How to Install a Hot Water Dispenser Part 1

What You'll Need
Stainless Steel Drill Bits
Adjustable Wrench
Utility Knife
1/4 -inch Plywood Square
Tee Valve
Reciprocating Saw

A hot water dispenser is something that you will put underneath your kitchen sink. This will be used to get your water heated up to 190 degrees. A hot water dispenser will allow you to have instant hot water running from your faucet. This will save you money as less water will be wasted waiting for it to turn hot. A hot water dispenser is a task that most will be able to do themselves. Be sure that along with these instructions that you also read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Step 1 – Location

The first thing that you will need to do is prepare the area that you wish to put the dispenser. A knockout will need to be made above the kitchen sink. In order to do this, a hole needs to be drilled into the countertop of the sink. You will need to use a stainless steel drilling bit, if you do not have one then make sure that your drill has the ability to cut into porcelain.

Step 2 – Turn off Water

Underneath the sink you will be able to turn off the cold water valve. If you wish, you will can also go to the shut off valves in your home and turn the water off completely.

Step 3 – Run Cable

A cable will need to be run. This will go to the sink from the electrical service panel. Before you begin, make sure that the power to this area is completely turned off. The outlet that you use will need to be an approved one as it is going to be going underneath a sink. Knock out holes for the electrical box using a screwdriver. Conduit adaptors will go into each hole along with a box with a wire clamp inside. The nut on the threaded end of the adaptor should be tightened with locking pliers. Attach one of the adaptors to the conduit with your house wire. Pull the electrical wire through the clamp and tighten it. Pull same amount through the other conduit adaptor and then tighten.

Step 4 – Strip Sheathing

Using a utility knife, you will need to remove about a half of a foot of sheathing from each of the wires. Cut around the sheathing’s circumference. With your pliers, you will need to pull it off.

Step 5 – Wiring

There are brass screws that are on the switch, you will need to insert the black wire ends into these holes. If there are no holes, you should get the wires hooked clockwise completely around the screws and then tighten. The ground wires will need to be twisted together. If your electrical box is metal, then they will need to be attached to a grounding screw that is on the box. There is a switch that will need to be attached to the electrical box. Screws should come with the switch. The switch will need to be completely straight before the screws are tightened.

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