How to Install a Hot Water Dispenser Part 2

Once you have all of the wiring prepared for your hot water dispenser, you are now ready to begin the next phase of installation.

Step 6 – Mount electrical Box

Once the electrical box has been properly wired, you will need to mount it to the wall. After all of the wiring has been complete, you will need to get a metal cover plate screwed into the junction box. You will be able to close up the hole that you have created underneath the sink by taking a piece of 1/4-inch plywood and screwing it over the opening.

Step 7 – Switch Receptacle Combo

Where you have already removed the outer sheath, you will need to strip back ½ inch of the wire that is insulated at each ends on the black and the white wire. There is a back wire that will be coming from the outlet box that needs to be connected to a lower wire screw that is on the switch and then tightened. Once you have done this, you will need to get the top wire screw connected to the white wire that is on the receptacle, tighten this as well. Get 6 inches of electrical wire and strip back the insulation ½ inch from either end that will need to be connected. Connect the wire screw to the black wire and tighten. The opposite side of the black wire as well as the opposite side of the receptacle will need to be connected. The ground screw and ground wire will need to be connected onto the receptacle and tightened. Install the receptacle and the switch onto your outlet box and tighten the screws.

Step 8 – Tee Fitting

The tee valve will come with installation instructions that should be thoroughly read before you begin to work with it. The compression tee will need to be installed into the cold water line. The dispenser tubing should be connected to the tee valve. You will need to briefly turn the water on to see if there are any leaks. If there are no leaks, connect your test unit and ac outlet to the dispenser.

Step 9 – Mount Dispenser Heater

It is typical that the attaching tank will be mounted on to the back wall of your cabinet as opposed to the wall of your home. However, if you do not trust the back of your cabinet to hold the weight of the tank, simply use a reciprocating saw to cut out a small hole to attach the dispenser to the house wall. You will need to get the tank positioned up against the wall where the tubes of the faucet will be able to reach the tank connections. With a pencil, mark the wall where the tank should be. Two inches below where the top of the tank was, make another mark for the mounting bracket. Once the mounting bracket has been securely screwed into the wall, you will be able to hang your tank onto the mounting bracket.