How to Install a How Water Heater Expansion Tank

What You'll Need
Teflon Tape
Water Expansion Kit
Tee Fitting
Pipe Wrench

If you are thinking of installing your own water heater expansion tank, you will want to keep some steps in mind to make sure you get the job done right. You do not need to hire an expensive plumber to make sure the water expansion gets installed correctly, when you can save money by doing it yourself. You can buy the kits that come with all the materials you will need for your expansion.

Step 1: Location

You will want to find out where your expansion will best fit to your already placed hot water heater. By purchasing the correct size, you are able to fit it in with no problems. You will need to locate the cold water line; it runs side by side to the water heater. You will be linking the expansion to this area of the water heater since these are the main lines for water supply.

Step 2: Power Supplies

Make sure you shut the power off to the water heater if it is electric; you can also turn off the gas supply if you know where the gas switch is, and can safely turn it off without any hazardous dangers. If you do not know how to do so, then you shouldn’t because hazardous fumes can start a fire or make your family or pets become ill because of them. Locate the water supply switch, and make sure you turn the water supply off. Hang the expansion above the cold water supply line. This will make it easy for the tank to reach the supply line in order to get the water. You will want to securely tighten it to the wall or another part of the area around it. The expansion can fall and cause damage to surrounding areas, so you will want to double check that it is sturdy even with the weight of the water within it.

Step 3: Finalizing

To finish up, you should install the tee fitting within the cold water supply line to ensure that the water will be able to flow in it. You will then want to connect the threaded connector on the expansion tank to the tee fitting. There may be more than one; you have to make sure you choose the one that fits within it. Place the Teflon tape around the end you connected. Then you can connect the connector to the tee fitting on the expansion. You should tighten the fitting securely to make sure it will not come undone once you are finished. You can tighten it using your pipe wrench. You will then want to turn the power supply and water supply back on to make sure it works. Check for leaks within the expansion, and the lines to ensure there will be no leakage once you start using the expansion. You can then test the product by running hot water, and seeing if the expansion fills up and drains correctly as it should.