How to Install a Kitchen Sink Base

What You'll Need
Prefabricated sink base
Stud finder
Carpenter's level

When compared to work required for other kitchen cabinets, installing a kitchen sink base cabinet is an easy job. It is one of the most frequently used storage spaces of any kitchen. Usually, cleaning agents, insecticides, toxic materials, and cleaning acids are kept in kitchen sink base. While choosing the cabinet, you must consider its durability, storage requirements, and functionality. 

Generally, a kitchen sink base cabinet has a back, bottom shelf and doors at the front. You can install a kitchen sink base yourself with few tools and basic guidelines. Since each kitchen sink has different dimensions, the hardware required for installing it will vary according to the kitchen sink base.

Step 1 – Prepare the Work Space For Installation

Prepare work space area for installing new cabinets. First, choose the desired sink base and fit the other base cabinets later. Generally, the width of a sink base is 32 inches, but if you want to install a large custom sink, then the base must be larger in size.

Step 2 – Prepare Plumbing Stubs

Before installing the base, you need to decide where plumbing stubs will be. You can either use the concealed plumbing to drain the water through the wall or extend the plumbing into the floor below. Although the choice is entirely yours; as a rule of thumb, you should avoid placing plumbing stubs in walls if you reside in cold regions.

Step 3 – Mark the Studs

Find the studs, behind the sink space and mark them. Use a stud finder or simply tap with your knuckles on the wall to find the studs. When you hear a solid sound, it indicates that a stud lies beneath. Mark a line above each of the studs on the wall.

Step 4 – Place the Sink Base in Position

Place the sinks base in position. If the floor plumbing is present, just drill a hole at the bottom of the cabinet. You need not cut the sink base as most of the sink bases have open space for plumbing that runs from the wall.

Step 5 – Level the Sink

Level your sink base by placing a carpenter’s bubble level on the top. In case your require evaluation, apply shims underneath the side. For better leveling, level the front vertical end and the sides. The sink base will serve as a level for rest of the cabinets as it is the first thing to be installed.

Step 6 – Screw the Sink Base

Use appropriately sized screws; fix the sink base on the back side of the wall by using a fastening strip. The fastening strip is a piece of wood that extends downward below the back rim of the sink base. Refer to the markings you have made earlier and place the screws through the attachment strip securely into the stud behind the wall.  

Step 7 – Final Fixing

Finally, fix and bind the cabinet doors, and place a counter top to finish the plumbing and a sink on the sink base.