How to Install a Limestone Fireplace Mantel

What You'll Need
Limestone mantel
Wood screws
Drill machine
Workable paste
Knife or putty tool
Clean cloth

It’s not too easy to install a limestone fireplace mantel without professional help, but is not impossible either. A person with adequate instructions and tools can properly install one and be relieved of heavy installation charges that accompany outside help. Limestone mantels are easily available in the market and are of different designs and carvings that make them too expensive to afford. Limestone mantels are the best choice for people looking for cost efficient home development.

Step 1 - Installing the Mantel Legs

Install the mantle legs before the shelf or leg assembly will become a tedious job. Unwrap the legs from protective cover and carry them to the designated place. When installing to install carefully and set in upright equal way so that they will equally support the shelf later installed. Shims can be used to level them up equally. Use a lot of strong glue at the backside of the legs so they can firmly be stuck against the wall. If needed, prop the legs with a plank till they dry completely.

Step 2 - Installing the Mantel Shelf

Unwrap and carry the Mantel Shelf carefully and adjust the shelf over the already attached legs in such a way that it’s of equal distance on either side and thus both of the legs are carrying the same weight. After adjusting this position, mark it with a pencil and take off the shelf in order to apply glue. Also apply this glue on the top surface of both the legs. Set the shelf again and allow it to get bonded. If you are unsure about bonding, then extra safety measures should be taken. Drill holes on top of the mantelshelf and at the foot of the legs. Install wood screws in such a way that they are not to be seen on the surface.

Step 3 - Filling the screw holes and repairing seams

A workable paste needs to be prepared or bought. This paste is available from your nearest market and if not, can also be easily prepared by a special mixture of cement or flour and water. Use this paste to fill in the holes where the screws have been installed. This can be done by either a knife or putty tool. Seams and small cracks can also be filled by this paste.

Step 4 - Sealing

Some fireplaces might need a sealer. With help of a clean cloth, apply the sealer to all components necessary. Your limestone fireplace mantel has been successfully installed. Allow it to dry up just in case there is wet putty, before setting up decorations. During the installation, make sure to wear gloves and goggles in order to avoid injuries and rubble going into your eyes while drilling. Remember to read the instructions before using any specific materials other then listed above. Usually it’s better to have a helper when installing this component of limestone fireplace as the legs and shelf are quite heavy and fragile for one to carry and install by himself.