How to Install a Lock on a Glass Display Case

What You'll Need
Glass Display Case
Showcase lock
Flathead screwdriver

Installing a lock on a glass display case is one of the easiest things to do. These locks are common in any shops that carry valuables for sale like jewelry shops, or in the home for the the avid collector to show off their collection of toys, trophies, or other keepsakes.

Step 1 – Buying the lock

Assuming that you have already purchased the glass display case for your store or your home, you will need to determine which lock to purchase. The type of lock you require is a showcase lock (also called ratchet lock). There are several different types of showcase locks which are usually used for doors on glass cabinets. There are combination showcase locks, hinged locks, and track locks.

Showcase locks can be easily installed. However, you should make sure that you measure the thickness of the glass display case door panel before purchasing the lock because glass display panels come in different thicknesses.

Step 2 – Setting the Combination Showcase Lock

If you did not buy a combination showcase lock, please skip this step.

Before you install the combination showcase lock, you will need to set the combination numbers. The combination showcase lock is set to 000. To set the number code you prefer, take out the key and make sure that the lock works by moving the metal stick left and right while it is set to open. With a flathead screwdriver, push the screw inwards that is on the side of the lock and rotate the screw 90 degrees clockwise so that the screw appears recessed.

Set the numbers that you wish to be your combination for this lock. Rotate the screw back counter-clockwise so the screw is back to its' original position. You can check whether the number combination that you want works by sliding the metal stick of the lock left and right again.

Step 3 - Installing the Lock

Attach the lock like a clamp onto the edge of the glass, so the metal stick is inside of the glass display case. Firmly screw in the lock with the thumb screws that came with the lock. Close the glass display case panel that was open and make sure that the lock works and is secure. If the showcase lock is a combination one, make sure to scramble the numbers and then change the numbers to what you set the lock as being to make sure it works.

These two or three easy steps are all that you need to install a glass display case lock. If you are still unsure about how to install a lock, go to your filing cabinet. Filing cabinets use a similar lock except unlike a glass display case, a hole is drilled into the cabinet to fit the lock in.