How to Install a Manual Garage Door

What You'll Need
New Garage Door
Assembly Kit

Installing a new manual garage door can put a new face on your garage. If your old garage door is worn out, has damage or no longer functions properly and is too worn for repair, this is the best option. This is an advanced level DIY project, and working with spring can be dangerous, so you should have some past DIY experience and someone to help with the process.

Step 1 – Preparing to Install

In order to install a new door, the old one has to come out first. Be extremely careful when removing the springs, and start from the bottom of the tracks up. Remove the door from the tracks, then unscrew the track itself. Choose a replacement door kit that is simple to assemble. Door kits come with all of the bolts, screws, tracking, and the door itself. It's important to purchase a complete kit in order to ensure that the tracks match up properly, otherwise the door will not close and open well and may break. Once the door has been removed, make sure that the surrounding wood is in good shape. You may want to rip out the framing and replace it if it is warped, rotted, or in any way damaged.

Step 2 – Measure for Installation

The door has to be a perfect fit, and the tracks must align levelly in order for the door to work properly Take measurements and mark the width of the space, lining up the installation points for the tracks using a laser level. The bottom of the door should meet perfectly with the garage floor, so use your sander to even it out. All of the other portions of the door assembly depend on the evenness of these measurements and the bottom section.

Step 3 – Install the Tracks and Brackets

Make sure you use the hardware that came with the door, as any other hardware may not operate properly. Install the bottom brackets, which will attach to the bottom corners of the lower section of the door. The brackets have to be firmly attached to the door, but be careful not to over tighten and strip the bolts. The cables will be attached to these brackets, and those cables carry the huge weight of lifting and closing the door, so proper installation of these brackets is the number one safety essential for this project. Install the tracks according to the package instructions, and make sure you line it up with the measurements you made with the laser level in the previous step.

Step 4 – Install the Door and Springs

Once the brackets, bottom door section, and track are installed, you are ready to install the rest of the door. Work your way up. The spring can be difficult to install, but the manufacturer should have specific instructions included in your door kit on how the final door panel should be attached when the spring assembly is connected, to insure the maximum safety precautions are taken. You'll know your door is assembled and installed correctly if it slides open and closed easily, and does not snap open or fall down when the door is opened halfway.