How to Install a Mirror Tile Backsplash

What You'll Need
Mirror tile
Tile adhesive
Painter's tape
Silicone grout
Damp towel
Masking tape

When you set out to do some home decorating or updating on your decor; adding mirror tile is one great addition. You can use mirror tile in many situations but it is generally used in the bathroom or the kitchen. You can easily install mirror tile to the backsplash in the kitchen just below the cabinets. There is an aesthetic appeal that comes with mirror tile that is unmistakable. The following article will show you how to easily install mirror tile.

Step 1 - Tile Layout

Designing how the mirror tile will look is a very important step to ensuring that you will have a great design when you are finished with the project. You can design the layout on paper or you can use masking tape on the back of the mirror tiles and then lay them out as you see fit. The masking tape will help the mirror tiles stick, but without leaving any residue behind. When you dry layout the tile you will avoid making any costly mistakes.

Step 2 - Adding the Adhesive

Many mirror tile products on the market come with an adhesive backing. You have to remove the paper backing and stick it on the wall. Though this adhesive is fairly strong, it doesn't stand up well to the constant splashing of water. The adhesive has a tendency to come lose then the mirror tile will fall down. To solve this problem you will be using a commercial-grade tile adhesive. This will prevent the tile from falling off of the wall. You first have to use the painter's tape to protect the counter and the rest of the wall. Apply the adhesive to the wall using the trowel at a 45 degree angle. The goal is to make ridges in the adhesive to give the tile something to grab onto.

Step 3 - Adding the Mirror Tile

Just prior to attaching the mirror tile to the adhesive use the flat edge of the trowel to go over the adhesive. This will decrease the amount of ridges in the adhesive. Knocking the ridges down slightly helps to create a tighter pocket of air which will help keep the mirror tile in place. Start placing mirror tile in place according to your design scheme. When you apply the mirror tile, press them into the adhesive with even and firm pressure. If a tile happens to fall off you can place it back pressing harder and wiggling it around to set it in place. When you place a tile put in a spacer so you will be able to create a good spacing between the tiles.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

When the tile is pressed into the adhesive you will have adhesive that will ooze out between the tiles. Use a wet towel to quickly wipe off the extra adhesive. When the tiles are cleaned up you can use the silicone caulk to protect the backing. Let the tiles cure a day before getting them wet.