How to Install a Mobile Home Electric Furnace

mobile home
What You'll Need
Replacement electric furnace
Wrench set
Replacement power cords
Volt meter

A mobile home electric furnace functions in much the same way that a standard electric furnace does. These furnaces are typically smaller and less powerful; however, they have a smaller amount of space to heat.

Before you install your mobile home electric furnace, it pays to do a bit of research on the best kinds of furnaces for your mobile home. Some furnaces use more energy than others and may be better or worse choices for your setup. Read on for a brief guide on how to install a mobile home electric furnace.

Step 1 - Examine the Old Furnace

If you previously had a furnace in your mobile home, shut off the power at the furnace. Then shut off the power at the central power source. Examine the cords that are connected to the furnace. Some of them will be replaced along with the new furnace, including the power cord. Certain intake and exhaust hoses will be connected to the mobile home itself and will not automatically be removed along with the old furnace. If any of the hoses which attach directly to the mobile home are damaged, remove them and bring the damaged hoses with you when you purchase a new mobile home furnace. You'll need to replace those hoses.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Furnace

Remove the electrical connections to the old furnace. Do so only when the power is off and the furnace is cool enough to touch. If you're in doubt, use a volt meter to ensure that the power is off. Examine the electrical adapters and the connection points with the electric furnace. If these are damaged, you'll need to purchase more of them as well. In most cases, you can unwind or unscrew the electric connections with a screwdriver or a pair of pliers.

Step 3 - Set the New Furnace in Place

The new furnace should then be installed into the area that the old furnace occupied. Ensure that it will fit properly into the space without being too loose or too tight. Find the electrical connections on the back of the furnace. Match them up with the connection points for the mobile home.

Install the furnace by tightening the electric connections first. If the furnace connects to the wall of the mobile home with screws or bolts, use a screwdriver or wrench set to attach it. Make sure that you don't tighten it too much, as doing so can weaken the screws or bolts that hold the furnace in place.

Step 4 - Test the Furnace

After turning the power back on, turn the furnace on. Wait for an hour, then return to check on it. Make sure that the electrical connections are working properly by testing to determine that the furnace is properly producing heat.