How to Install a Monitor on an RV Waste Tank How to Install a Monitor on an RV Waste Tank

What You'll Need
Waste Tank Monitor

If you want to add a monitor to your RV waste tank, then you will need to consider the type of monitor you want. The most common type of monitor for the waste tank of your RV is a sensor, which will sound an alert when the tank needs to be emptied. This will ensure that you will never have an overflowing RV waste tank. Installing these kinds of sensors is not too difficult.

Step 1 - Prepare Your Tank

Start by emptying out your waste tank and making sure that it is completely clean. You should then put your RV into park on a level, flat surface. Apply the emergency handbrake. Turn off the water and electricity supply to your RV waste tank, and then open it up. You should be able to see to the bottom. Use a rag to clean off the side where the monitor will be placed. 

Step 2 - Install the Monitor

Remove the monitor from the package, and fix the holding flange onto the side of the tank. Place the monitor into the tank, and screw it into place using the bolts provided. Pull the monitor wire out of the tank. Insert the wiring connection into a nearby plug. Turn on the monitor, and check that it is working.

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