How to Install a Motorcycle Helmet Microphone

What You'll Need
Dremel tool

Installing a helmet microphone is easy to do. To get started, you will need a helmet and a headset. The advantage of having a helmet microphone is the freedom of your hands, plus the microphone won't fall while you are riding. Soon you will be riding in no time with a well-working headset.

Step 1 - Remove Liners and Pads

First remove any liners or pads that exist in the headset. You want to try to remove these completely in order to make installation a lot easier.

Step 2 - Setting Up the Microphone

In your N-42 exists a clip in module that is used for the microphone. First you will follow the template and cut out the clip. You will lay this on the side in a pocket of the helmet. Then with a Dremel tool you will route out the piece. This will give you a hole in which you will put the microphone cord through.

Step 3 - Placement of the Speakers

On the lower edge of the shell of the helmet you will place a mark 3/4 of an inch at that point. This is where you want the location of your speakers to be. Also, this will serve as the top edge of the speaker.

Step 4 - Cutting into the Speaker

With the speaker as your guide, take a knife and cut out sections for your speakers to go in. Remember not to cut in too deep because that will interfere with your chin strap. Next take out the foam pieces. This will serve as the pocket for your speakers.

Step 5 - Wiring the N-42's Microphone

First put the microphone into the hole that you just made in your pocket. Next, put the wires through the rear hole. Then gently bend the microphone into the hole that your made for your microphone pocket. Slowly pull the wires through the hole while putting the microphone boom in from the exterior. Make sure to clip in place the front first and then do the back.

Step 6 - Tucking the Wire

Once you bring in the longer wire around the back of your helmet and to the other side, you will tuck this wire up into the helmet.

Step 7 - The Speakers

Hold the speakers in place with Velcro. Place the Velcro on the chin strap and attach the other side to the speakers. Now you can put the speakers in the pocket of the helmet that you made.

Step 8 - Installing the Liner

Once the speakers are in place, you can install liner. Be sure to test your headset to make sure it is working properly. Now you are able to listen to music while riding. Be sure to consult riding regulations on the use of headsets and always remember to wear protective gear while riding.