How to Install a Motorcycle Swingarm Extension

What You'll Need
New Chain

Installing a motorcycle swingarm extension involves understanding the process beforehand. Here's how you can do the job yourself.

Step 1 – Getting the Motorcycle in Position

The first step in installing a motorcycle swingarm is to place the motorcycle in a convenient position. Use a jack to lift the motorcycle's rear. Take off the lower fairing and the side to prevent them from getting damaged. Keep lifting until the rear wheel is raised off the ground.

Step 2 – Strap Hook

The next step in installing a motorcycle swingarm is to hook a strap to the jack's end, take it over the motorcycle and hook the strap to the jack's other end. Make sure the motorcycle is stable by tightening the strap.

Step 3 – Rear Axle

The next step is to remove the axle. Loosen the grip on the rear axle. Make sure to provide support to the wheel while doing this.

Step 4 – Wheel

Remove the chain from the sprocket at the rear. Roll out the wheel from the motorcycle swingarm

Step 5 – Components Removal

Take off the caliper and the brake line at the rear. Cut the chain with a cutting wheel grinder. Since you will be using a new chain while installing a motorcycle swingarm, do not worry about causing any damage to the old chain.

Step 6 – Installing a Motorcycle Swingarm

Now start with installing a motorcycle swingarm. Take the new motorcycle swingarm and remove the rear brackets. Locate the spot where the axle generally sits. Slide in the front of the motorcycle swingarm. Screw the bracket into the extensions on both sides

Step 7 – Lock

Make sure the extensions are installed securely. If the extensions are not tight then they will fall off.

Step 8 – Bracket

The next step is to install the brackets between the existing calipers. Do this by unscrewing the bolts and attach it with the hardware.

Step 9 – Wheel

It is now time to place the wheel back into its original position. Firstly, you will have to place the adjusting blocks that come with the motorcycle swingarm into the inner area of the axle. Replace the axle. Make sure not to apply too much force, the axle should slide in smoothly.

Step 10 – Installing the Chain

Put the bike in the neutral mode and then proceed to install the new chain. Slide the chain into the sprocket of the engine in a way that it comes out at the outer end of the wheel. Place the wheel in position and ascertain the length of the chain and cut it with a grinder. Replace and attach the chain with the right tools.

Step 11 – Wheel Alignment

Center the wheel by tightening the bolts on the motorcycle swingarm. Proceed to tighten the axle. Refer to the manual if you have any doubts.

Step 12 – Final Step

The break line has to be replaced. Install the shift link and the engine sprocket.