How to Install a Mounted Patio Heater

What You'll Need
Propane wall mounting heater
Hand drill
Hole-cutting bit
Screw-fixing bit
Mounting Brackets

You can heat a patio area to make it more comfortable in winter by installing a mounted patio heater. There are normally two types of heaters used in patio heating: electric heaters and propane heaters. Electric heaters work best in situations when there is no need to address venting and gas fumes issues. You don't have to continually supply them with natural gas, and electric heating is much more efficient. Alternatively, you can use the latest vent-free propane heaters that are inexpensive and efficient to heat your home. These propane heaters can be wall mounted and are very safe to use. A normal-size propane heater can be sufficient to heat over 1,000 square feet area. No matter what kind of mounted patio heater you chose, the installation is a simple process. You can follow these steps to install a patio heater:

Step 1- Selecting the Location on the Wall

Select the proper location on your patio wall for mounting the heater. It is recommended to hang the heater on the outer wall so that the propane tank is kept outside the home.

Step 2- Marking the Position

Remove the heater from its box and check to confirm that all parts are there for installation. Decide about the height for fixing the heater to hang it and mark the position.

Step 3- Drilling the Holes for Attachment

Place the bracket to mark the position of the holes on wall. Drill the holes in the wall using a masonry bit and install the expanders. Hang the heater on the brackets by sliding it onto them. Decide where you like to make holes for the propane hose through the wall to the propane tank outside. Mark it.  Remove the heater from brackets.

Step 4- Drilling Hole for Hose

Drill the hole in the wall at the marked position for the propane hose.

Step 5- Mounting the Heater

Mount the heater back onto the brackets. Make it level and ensure it is secured properly. Pass the hose for propane through the hole in the wall and connect it to the propane gas tank kept outside.

Step 6- Final Setting

Connect the other end of propane gas hose to the heater with the help of an adapter. Keep the propane gas tank in the off position until you connect everything properly and securely. Re-check all the connections once more. Turn the gas on the tank. Push the knob on heater down. Operate the igniting button a few times. As soon as the flame ignites, release the heater knob. Set the required level of heating.