How to Install a Natural Gas Wall Heater

A hand adjusts the knob on a wall heater.
  • 5-10 hours
  • Advanced
  • 500-700
What You'll Need
Gas wall heater set
Sabre saw
Gaskets or duct sealant
Fasteners (plated or galvanized)
Hard piping

As the colder season approaches, you can use a natural gas wall heater to keep your home or office nice and warm. There are two types of gas wall heaters. The first type is the direct vent wall heater which is mounted on your well with a vent that goes through the wall to the outside. It is sometimes equipped with a power vent fan that blows the combustion gases out towards the vent. This kind of vent brings in fresh air as well into the combustion chamber. The second type of gas wall heater is the conventional vented wall heater which directs the combustion gases to the atmosphere with the use of a single or double wall gravity vent pipe. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to install a natural gas heater.

Step 1 - Prepare

Pick your ideal spot for your wall heater. Locate an area in your home that is at an appropriate distance from the door and windows for air ventilation. Make sure to check for the availability to electrical outlets as well as the area for vent termination and the route for the heater’s gas line. Examine your gas pipe system and make sure that it is large enough to accommodate the new heater along with other gas appliances.

Step 2 - Install the Gas Piping

Place the heater’s gas line in its new location. Shut down the gas line located in the shut-off valve. To test the new gas installation, plug the shut-off valve. Once you have examined the installation, you can connect the new gas piping.

Step 3 - Vent Termination

Your gas wall heater will come with a manual or template provided by the manufacturers. Use the template or manual to locate the part of the heater that will be installed through the wall of your house to the outside. Once marked, use a saber saw to cut a hole.

Step 4 - Mount Water Heater

Locate the spots that you marked on your wall. Consult your template or manual again to make sure that you have located the areas correctly. Take out the wall heater unit. Take the vent pipe part and assemble it to the heater vent collar with the use of either gaskets or duct sealant depending on what is specified in your manufacturer’s installation procedure. Securely mount the wall heater unit to the wall of your home, and use fasteners to securely connect the unit so that the vent pipe goes through the wall to the outside. The wall heater gas valve and gas line must be connected with hard piping.

Step 5 - Fit the Vent Termination

Go outside of your house to the location of your heater. Place the vent termination fitting on the end part of the vent pipe fixture. Use plated or galvanized fasteners to securely attach the vent termination flange to the siding.