How to Install a New Door in an Old Jamb Part 1 How to Install a New Door in an Old Jamb Part 1

What You'll Need
Work gloves
Measuring tape

To install a new door in an old jamb, you will require a lot of precision and skill. Though this is not a very eask task, you can do this yourself by following the guidelines in this article.

Step 1 – Safety

It is important to take a few safety measures before you start to install a new door. Wear work gloves and protect your eyes with glasses.

Step 2 – Old Door

You need to first remove the old door. To accomplish this, you need to take off the pins on the hinge. The hinge can stay where it is.

Step 3 – Remove the Pin

In order to remove the pins from the hinge, you will need a screwdriver with a thin blade and a hammer. Place the screwdriver's tip at the point where the head of the screw or pin and the hinge's edge meet. With a hammer, tap on the screwdriver and the pin will pop out. Remove pins from all the hinges

Step 4 – Remove the Door

Hold both sides of the door. You might have to move the door a bit in all directions to free it from the hinges. Lift the door out and place it aside.

Step 5 – Jamb

The old jamb is never in the right position. It is always outside the square. Hence you have to take accurate measurements before you buy a new door.

Step 6 – Try the New Door

In case you find that the door still does not fit properly and is a tad bit bigger, then you will have to make adjustments before you install a new door.

Step 7 – Adjustments

You need to scribe the top of the door. But before you do this, cut the excess portion of the door from below. This will ensure that the door does not go beyond the jamb.

Step 8 – Position the Door

In this step, you need to position the door in place. Only then can you proceed with the installation. Pull the new door against the old jamb. Standing on the opening's stop side will ease the positioning of the door.

Step 9 – Door Hook

You need to place the door hook so that the new door stays in position. The door hook will make sure that the door does not move at all. It connects the head of the door and that of the jamb and fastens them together.

Step 10 – Check

After the door hook has been placed, make sure that the door is aligned properly. Check if the door is at the center of the opening.

Step 11 – Center the Door

In the case that the door is not centered, a pry bar will help you move the door in the desired direction. Measure the top rail's width at both the sides. Measure the stile's width at the top as well as at the bottom of the door.

Step 12 – Undersized Jambs

For jambs that are highly undersized you need to get lock stiles that are at least 4 inches wide. This width is required for housing certain locksets that have a depth of close to 4 inches.


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