How to Install a New Soot Collector on a Wood Burner

Wood stove as a fireplace insert
  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200
What You'll Need
Hat or other hair cover
Soot collector
Garbage bag
Pliers or screwdriver

A wood burner is essentially a stove that burns wood. Many think of a wood burner being used in cabins for heat. Though this is true, you will also find many homes that make use of a wood burner. These units are used to effectively heat a space for very little money. The unfortunate side effect of a wood burner is that they create a lot of soot as the wood burns. It is black, chalky and incredibly messy. To easily take care of the soot, a collector is installed in the bottom of the wood burner. The soot collector can become so caked in soot that it should be replaced, and the following article will show you how to remove and replace it.

Step 1 - Purchase a New Soot Collector

You can locate a soot collector at many home improvement stores. Soot collectors for a wood burner can be fairly cheap, but can also be expensive depending on the wood burner you have. If the local home improvement store does not carry them, you can typically find them through your local heating and air conditioning company or stores that specialize in wood stoves. The size is very important, and you will need to know the manufacturer and the model number. You can find these on the manual or on a metal plate either in the front of the wood burner or behind it.

Step 2 - Locate the Soot Collector

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Once you have a new soot collector, you will have to remove the old one. In many wood burner models, the soot collector is easy to spot. Open the door to where you place the wood and look for a handle facing toward the front of the wood burner. Depending on the model, you need only to pull it out. Some models will have the soot collector in its own compartment behind a small door. In some units, you need to remove a grate to access it.

Step 3 - Removal and Replacement

Inhaling soot is not good for your lungs so put on your facemask. The soot can also cause skin irritation and will also be difficult to remove from your hair. Wear gloves and hair protection as well. Remove the grate from the inside of the wood burner or open the door (if that is where the soot collector is hiding). In many cases, you simply have to pull it out from the wood burner using the handle.

If this does not apply to your wood burner, then look for clips and screws. Remove them and then carefully lift out the collector. Put the whole thing in the garbage bag to dispose of it, making sure the bag is closed tightly. Once the old soot collector is disposed of you can replace it with the new one by simply sliding it in place. If your soot collector has screws or clips, simply replace them, close the door and you're done.