How to Install a Non-Skid Strip on a Wood Stair Tread

What You'll Need
A strip of non-slip material
An electric drill
Drill bits
Contact adhesive

There are various materials that may be used to install a non-skid strip on a wood stair tread. They range from strips of carpeting through rubber, special paint, tape, vinyl and some metals. These are a few of the options to make your wood stairs less dangerous to walk on during periods of inclement weather where water, ice or mud may be tracked into the house on the soles of boots and shoes.

Step 1 – Select the Material

Decide what type of strip to use on the stair tread. The strip does not have to span the tread from side to side. Measure how wide to make the strip, and mark the tread with a pencil.

Step 2 – Prepare the Strip

Decide how the strip is to be fixed to the tread. If it is to be screwed on, drill a hole one and a half inches from each end of the strip and another in the middle. Drill pilot holes in the tread to match the strips. If the strip is to be glued to the tread, apply the adhesive.

Step 3 – Attach the Strip

Fix the strip to the edge of the tread by using screws or by gluing it in position. Make sure that all treads on the staircase are fitted with non slip strips.