How to Install a One Piece Garage Door

What You'll Need
The instruction manual the door has come with
A drill
Tape measure
A hammer
A ladder

One piece garage doors may be of 2 types: manual or automatic. Manual doors are easier to install, as there is only the door itself and the handle. Automatic doors are heavier and harder to install because they include a small motor and cables. If you have bought a solid wood door for your garage, you will have to get the automatic type, with a motor and cables to sustain and move its weight. Manual doors are considered to be more difficult to break into, as the key is harder to obtain than the radio frequency on which the door is operating; however the automatic doors are more convenient.

The difficulty of the garage door installation will also depend on the type of spring system the door functions on. If you have the standard torsion spring system, it is advisable to ask a professional to install your door, as this system requires manual wounding and can cause injury if not properly handled. The extended torsion spring type is safe for you to install, as it is not wound manually.

Step 1 - Read the Instructions

Read the instructions; this will help you get familiar with the compounds of the garage door.

Step 2 - Measure the Door

Measure the door opening, its height, its width, the height of the headroom (you need the headroom to be as high as the radius of the track).

Step 3 - Assemble the Door

The sections of the door will need to be assembled. Do not remove the old door before you have done this, to be sure your garage will not stay open for a long time.

Step 4 - Install the First Section of the Door

Install the first section of the door. It is important that you make sure the first section of the door is evenly leveled, as you will be assembling the other sections above it.

Step 5 - Tighten the Brackets

Carefully tighten the brackets at the corners of the first section, as they will have to sustain the weight of the door, so make sure they are well in place.

Step 6 - Install Rollers and Tracks

Install the rollers and tracks for the first section.

Step 7 - Install the Rest of the Door Sections

Proceed to installing one by one the next sections of the door with the corresponding sections of tracks and rollers. Check the level after each section.

Step 8 - Install Horizontal Tracks

Install the horizontal tracks on the ceiling. These should connect to the tracks on the walls or slip into them. The horizontal tracks are braced from the ceiling. Use the level here as well.

Step 9 - Place the Spring System

The last thing to put in place is the spring system. Check the manual to make sure you have the extended spring torsion system, if not, call a professional to install it.

Step 10 - Attach the Motor

If you have an automatic garage door you will have to continue by attaching the motor to the ceiling. The motor is heavy, so you will need to attach it to a beam first. Attach the track to the drive unit (the motor). The wires from the motor need to be connected to the wall switch.