How to Install a Parking Camera: Wiring the Back Camera

What You'll Need
Needlenose pliers
Parking camera

If you have live in an area which has a lot of narrow parking spaces, then you may consider installing a parking camera to help you back your car into the right location. A parking camera is a great way to fit a new car into a tight space, and you can add one of these to your back window very easily indeed. If you plan to add a parking camera to your window, then you can manage this with a few basic home improvement skills and some needle nose pliers.

Step 1 - Locating the Camera

In order to get the best out of your parking camera, you will need to locate it in a suitable position on your car. Look around the sides of the car, and then turn the camera on, and have a friend hold it in different positions while you look at the camera display in your car. From this position, you should be able to work out the best placement for your camera. Make sure that the camera is not located in a position which will make it vulnerable to damage, and where its angle of vision is not obscured. Many people choose to place their parking camera on the bumper, as this is a suitable height and location.

Step 2 - Make a Hole

Disconnect your car battery in order to protect yourself against electric shock. This can be done using a suitable screwdriver wrench. Using your screwdriver, make a small hole on the inside of your car. This hole should fit the camera just right, so that it can fit comfortably into the hole without having to be secured in with lots of packing and duct tape. You should then feed the wires which will connect the camera to your parking equipment. Using a small hammer, open up the rear-view passenger side-panel, and locate the reverse gear wires. Pull out the wires, and find the small plug at the end. Splice your camera wire into the wiring on the side of your gear wires, using your needlenose pliers to insert the wires.

Step 3 - Adding the Monitor

Inside the car, you should then connect the camera's signal to your monitor in order to allow you to get the picture. You should then connect the wires from your camera to the monitor. You should be able to figure out how to install the monitor onto your rear-view mirror by following the written instructions that are supplied with the system. Make sure that the monitor is in a safe location and is not vulnerable to falling off. You can then re-connect your battery, and start up the car.

Step 4 - Checking your Attachments

Before you go on the open road, you should check that your parking camera is working. Once your car has warmed up, reverse slowly out of position, and check that you can see everything behind you on the monitor. You should be able to see marks on the road, any potholes, and the angle at which you are approaching the curb.